Five TikTok Approved Eyeshadow Hacks You Need In Your Life

Five TikTok Approved Eyeshadow Hacks You Need In Your Life

TikTok is a weird and wonderful place. If you’re a makeup lover like us, you will know about the nifty beauty hacks that often pop up on your “for you page” (FYP!) and enlighten you in some way or another. 

We all know the saying - work smarter, not harder. TikTok users are taking this to a new level by sharing interesting eyeshadow hacks that make you think - “how did I not think of that?!” Read on to learn about our five favourite TikTok hacks that have transformed the way we apply eyeshadow.

When in doubt, blend it out 

This hack has had the beauty community with jaws dropped since it first landed on our screens. Blending shadow can be a particularly tedious task, especially if you’re working with a lot of colours with high pigments. This hack is pretty smart - instead of blending each shade individually, apply a line of each shade you want to use on the lid and blend them altogether. We recommend using a soft, fluffy brush to blend the shades. 

The result? A beautifully blended eyeshadow look that takes half the time, and looks just as beautiful. TikTok creators have suggested that using this hack has halved the time it usually takes to do their eyeshadow, with the same results! 

There’s nothing better than an eyeshadow hack that actually works and saves you a lot of time. Thank us later. 

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Cut creases made easy 

Let’s be real - if there’s a way to make cut creases any easier, we’re taking it. Luckily, TikTok has provided us with a sensational hack to help you create sharp cut creases - using your eyelash curler. 

By applying concealer onto the top part of the eyelash curler, the curved shape provides an amazing foundation for the shape of your cut crease. Long gone are the days of painfully carving out a crisp line for your cut crease by hand - who knew the solution to this could have been sitting in our makeup bag all along? 

Dig out your eyelash curler and try this hack ASAP, and let us know what you think.

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Fixing a broken eyeshadow

This hack is a bit more hands-on than the others, but it gets the job done. If you’ve ever experienced the heartbreak of breaking an eyeshadow, read on. If you’ve never experienced it - also read on! It’s good to know how to solve this issue if it ever arises.

You’ll need some cocktail sticks, rubbing alcohol and something flat to help keep the shadow flat. This method involves adding a drop of rubbing alcohol into the eyeshadow, crushing it up even more (it seems counterintuitive, but trust the process!) and then patting it down into a solid form in its pan using a flat object. 

Like magic, you’ll find your broken eyeshadow looking restored and back to its full glory using this hack! Shoutout to TikTok for giving us hacks that allow us to save money. Long gone will be the days of buying a new eyeshadow at the sight of a tiny crack in the pan!

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  Creating cream eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadows are great for when you want to create a look that brings intensity, pigment and dimension to your face. 

 You know what else is great? Being able to create cream eyeshadows out of powder shadows you already own. If you’ve ever wondered how to create your own cream shadow, read on to find out the process.  

Use a non-sharp scalpel to remove some of the shadow from the pan, and place this on a clean surface. Mix the shadow thoroughly with a foundation of your choice using the same scalpel, and watch your graphic liner come to life.  

Quick tip: if you’d rather not use foundation, you can also use setting spray for the same effect! 

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Using tape to get them clean lines 

This hack is an oldie but a goldie. Using a sellotape of your choice, cut off a strip no bigger than 4cm.  Line up this piece of sellotape with your outer V, or wherever you want it placed for your dream eyeshadow shape.

When happy with your look, simply gently take off the sellotape! Using the sellotape will ensure crisp and sharp lines. The best thing about it? You can readjust the sellotape however many times you like on each side to ensure you get them lines looking just how you want them. Say hello to a new part of your routine that’s definitely going be to sticking around. (See what I did there?)


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