How To Fix A Broken Shadow

How To Fix A Broken Shadow

So you were a little clumsy and you dropped your eyeshadow palette. This can only go one of two ways: either your eyeshadows miraculously survived the fall, or they broke on impact. If they didn’t break, great! If they did, fear not: this blog post will give you the lowdown on how to fix a broken eyeshadow in no time. All you’ll need is some rubbing alcohol, cocktail sticks, tissues and a coin. Let’s get our DIY on!

Break The Eyeshadow Further

We know this sounds super counterintuitive - but just trust us! Use a small, clean cocktail stick and gently stick it into the eyeshadow pan to break up the powder. This is going to be messy, so we recommend placing a sheet of kitchen paper down before you break up the eyeshadow. 

Grab Some Rubbing Alcohol And A Coin

Now that your eyeshadow is mostly broken up, it’s time to restore the shade to its former glory using rubbing alcohol, a coin, and some tissue. 

We suggest using a smooth, round coin that is roughly around the same size as your eyeshadow pan. If you haven’t got a coin to hand, that’s ok too! Anything with a smooth rounded top will work just as well. 

Make sure to wrap your coin or whatever you have decided to use in clean, strong tissue to ensure no nasty germs are transmitted to and from your eyeshadow pan. 

Pour a very small amount of rubbing alcohol into your eyeshadow pan. Less is more in this instance! You should aim to have 3-4 drops of rubbing alcohol dropped into your eyeshadow pan. If you do put more in there, don’t worry too much. We recommend starting off with a small amount of rubbing alcohol so that the shadow dries quicker and can then be amended as needed. 

With the rubbing alcohol sitting in the eyeshadow pan, grab your coin wrapped in tissue. You want to softly pat down the eyeshadow until you notice the shade taking back its full form again.

Leave The Shade To Dry 

Now that you can see your shade looking brand new, it may be tempting to pick it up and sweep it across your eyelids straight away. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to resist for at least 4 hours, and ideally overnight! 

We like to dry the eyeshadow at room temperature overnight, so that when the morning comes your eyeshadow will be ready to wear. 

If your eyeshadow still looks a little cracked or looks different to how it originally did before it broke, do not worry - this is normal when taking on some DIY to fix a broken shadow. Although your eyeshadow may not look perfect, it will apply just the same and hold the same powerful color when you apply it.

Want to see the process of an eyeshadow being fixed? Click here to watch our video on how to fix a broken eyeshadow, or watch it down below!