How To Use Our Customizer, Step by Step

How To Use Our Customizer, Step by Step

Want to create a custom palette, but have no idea where to start? We’ve got you! Carry on reading this blog post for the ultimate guide on how to use our wonderful palette customizer to create the custom eyeshadow palette of your dreams. Enjoy!

Shades Or Design First? 

When you open our palette customizer, you’re greeted with over 80 vegan, cruelty and paraben free shades and an empty eyeshadow palette that comes in three different sizes - 8 eye, 12 eye, and 20 eye.. If you then click on the design tab, you’re taken to the front cover design of your palette where you can upload your own custom design or photo, or use one of our beautiful template images. 

It is completely up to you whether you decide to start with your shade selection and then upload a design, or vice versa. 

If you are creating a palette that has a theme, then we recommend starting by uploading the design first, and then curating your shade selection so you can have the same color theme across your whole palette! 

However, if you are just creating a palette because you feel like it, then the world is your oyster. From experience, we typically start with the shades if we just fancy a play around with the customizer. Whether you start with the shades or the design first, these elements can inform your design process as you go - for example, you may start with adding a really bright front cover to your custom palette, and then decide you want to use all bright shades too. Similarly, you may add dark and smokey shades to your palette and then want a dark design to match it. 

One thing that is important to remember, is that there are no rules! You can mix and match your shades, your design, and your shade names to your heart’s content. That’s the beauty of our palette customizer - you are able to create something beautifully unique to you! 

Naming Your Shades

Our favorite part! Now that you have selected your shades  (either by clicking the shades you want to include in your palette or dragging them in place onto the empty palette), you can now name them. How fun! 

Again, there is no real methodology to this - whatever you feel like! Keep in mind that shade names can be up to 15 characters (including spaces) as otherwise it may have the risk of being cut off on the palette once it is printed. As well as this, we do not allow any hateful language to be printed on the front of the palette. Keep your palettes clean! 

Once the shades are in your palette, simply click on the original shade names to edit them. Do this for each of the shades you would like to name, and voila! Your palette is coming together. 

Adding a Design 

When you click on the design tab, you’re taken to a plain front cover design, ready for you to work your magic on. If you haven’t got an idea in mind for what you want to be on the front of your palette, you can use one of our template designs which can be found below the design tab. Simply scroll through them to see the full range of designs we have for you to use! 

If one of these designs takes your fancy, just click it and it will appear on your palette. You will notice that there is a text box in the middle of the design that says ‘Add Your Text’. This is optional! 

To add some text, click inside this box and then start typing. You can then adjust the size and placement of your text by holding down the small blue circle at the bottom right of the text box, and can move the text by holding down anywhere within in the text box. 

You can also change the font and color of your text - this just keeps getting better! Similar to when you choose your design, simply scroll through the font tab to choose your desired font. Next to the font tab is the color tab - click this and again scroll through to choose the color of your text.

If you want to upload a custom photo to your palette, the process is just as easy! Head to the bottom left of the design tab, and you will see a Custom Photo option. Click this to load up your files and choose a great photo for the front cover of your palette.

We recommend using a 300DPI (Dots Per Inch) high quality image to make sure it comes out crystal clear. An image with a lower resolution than this has the risk appearing pixelated, and not looking very good when it is printed on your palette.

When you upload a custom photo, you can crop your image, zoom in or out, rotate it and flip it. This is a very handy tool as it ensures the image on the cover of your palette will look the best it could possibly look, and allows you to have full control over the creative direction of your palette. 

And that’s it! Your palette is completed. We recommend always saving your custom palette designs so that you can go back to them whenever you feel like it to check out or edit it a little bit more. To save your custom palette, head to the top right corner and click the ‘Save’ button. If this is your first time using our website, create an account with us (it’s free!) to save your palette. You can then name your palette so you don’t lose track of it!

You can also share your custom palettes, too. Click the ‘Share’ button located next to the Save button, and you will generate a special link and image that you can share to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Whatsapp! You can also just copy the link as it is to share it where you wish!

There is nothing better for us than seeing your custom palette creations, and we hope this little guide allows you to create the eyeshadow palette of your dreams. Feel free to share your palette creations online - we’d love to see!

Here are some palette creations we are crushing on right now... 

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