The Story Behind Our Launch Palette Collection - Part 1

The Story Behind Our Launch Palette Collection - Part 1

We’re going to be diving deep into the world of inspiration that informed our palette making process for Unhidden Beauty’s launch, looking into everything from the cover designs to the shade selection. Read on to hear about how we prepared for our launch with ten premade palettes!

Purple Pleasers

When our content producer Josee was given the task of coming up with ideas for premade eyeshadow palettes to go live on the website, the first thing that came to mind was the hit TV show Euphoria

“As soon as I was told about the palette collection, I knew I had to do one based on the colour palette from Euphoria. This was when season two had just started airing, and EVERYONE was gripped. Plus, I love the show, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited at the thought of creating a palette with Euphoria as the inspiration.”

Not only is Euphoria famous for its star-studded cast, but it also became renowned for the beautiful makeup, personalised to each character on the show. Tones of deep purples, blues and pinks come to mind when we think of Maddy (Alexa Demie) or Jules (Hunter Schafer)

The first step was analysing these colours and comparing them to our current shade range. We wanted something to reflect the moodiness of Euphoria’s colour scheme while also giving the user freedom and creativity to create a myriad of looks with the shades. In the end, the shades included in Purple Pleasers became a gorgeous mix of purple, silver and blue shades with a mix of metallic, shimmer and glitter. 

Let's talk about the front cover of this palette. Euphoria likes to use the same colour scheme throughout the show - through outfits, lighting, and makeup. We decided to go for a front cover which would reflect the perfect blend of colours available in the palette while sticking to this theme of Euphoria. The end result? A beautiful diffusion of purples, pinks and blues that perfectly captures the essence of the palette.


High Voltage

There is always room for bright and daring colours in an eyeshadow palette. As much as we love our neutrals, we couldn’t ignore the demand of wanting a palette solely dedicated to neon shades.

We drew inspiration for the High Voltage palette from looks that were shown on the SS2 runways from designers like Versace and Prabal Gurungs. There was a multitude of bright graphic liner as well as bold one-shadow looks that caught our attention. We also noticed that, due to the pandemic and restrictions slowly being lifted, people seemed to be more playful with their makeup. 

Bright and neon eyeshadows are a great way of reintroducing yourself to the outside world. This is what we wanted the High Voltage palette to encapsulate - being unapologetically you; being and feeling bright and uplifting the world with you. 

When choosing the shades, we wanted highly pigmented, bright colours that could also be buildable and used in conjunction with one another or for bold one-shadow statements. There's pinks, blues, yellows and reds in High Voltage, as well as some shimmers and more neutral shades that can be used as transitional colours.  

We wanted the front cover of High Voltage to resemble the playfulness of the shades inside. We also wanted the design to be quite abstract - from our research, we noticed that bright and bold eyeshadow goes hand in hand with creating abstract, editorial looks. The finished front cover perfectly captured what we wanted for High Voltage, and is also a beautiful piece of art - it’s fun, silly, bright and cute. It’s High Voltage!

Rich & Onyx

It wouldn’t be a full palette collection if there wasn’t a palette dedicated to the classic, smoky eye look. Rich & Onyx is deep, rich and powerful - and we hope it inspires its wearers to feel the same.

Rich & Onyx is inspired by the resurgence in the grunge aesthetic that we have seen in the past couple of years. Most notably, this resurgence has taken shape through social media sites like TikTok, where the aesthetic of early ‘00 TV shows like Skins influenced our choice of eyeshadows. 

The shades in this palette are smoky and powerful, with a touch of class. We wanted people to be able to create timeless smoky eyes with Rich & Onyx which is why we included rich browns and grey shades. We also wanted to give more choice than a typical palette that's dedicated to the smoky look - by including silver pressed pigments and matte transitional shades, we aimed to create a multi-purpose palette suitable for a myriad of different looks. 

The front cover design for Rich & Onyx reflects the elegance this palette holds. It’s a beautiful, abstract mixture of the shades found inside the palette. We wanted a design that was sleek, smokey and attention grabbing. 

Green With Envy

Green has been a colour that is slowly rising on everyone's radar, so we decided to push it into the spotlight and create a palette that celebrates all things green so you can create the perfect green eyeshadow look.  

Celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Dua Lipa have been loving green eyeshadow recently, and various forms of green eyeshadow looks appeared on the Versace SS22 runway. To some people, the idea of wearing a green eyeshadow can seem too bold, too crazy; something they could never pull off. We wanted Green With Envy to represent something else - growth, confidence, luxury, and individuality. 

This palette features a mixture of greens, blues and darker toned shades that can be used in conjunction with one another to create dramatic looks with a pop of colour. The brighter shades in Green With Envy can also be used as stand-alone shades due to their high pigmentation and metallic base, making this palette great for those looking to create a multitude of looks out of just one palette.

The design of this palette is inspired by nature. It has a repetitive pattern of sleek dark green leaves, representing the luxuriousness that comes with Green With Envy. This palette has a simple design that doesn’t take any attention away from the beautiful shades within. 

Totally Hot

Totally Hot is an eyeshadow palette that transcends users back to 2000. It is a nod to the years that shaped pop culture permanently, and is a nostalgic capsule full of fun and cute colours. 

With the resurrection of y2k, Totally Hot celebrates everything 2000-esque and makes the process of applying eyeshadow fun. The palette brings a modern twist onto the y2k trend that we have seen dominate online culture for the past few years - merging the past and present together for a bright and fun palette that has something for everyone.

The shades featured in Totally Hot are cool, refreshing colours that will instantly brighten up a look and give a y2k feel. There is also an inclusion of more muted, shimmery shades to give users an option of choosing to go for a bright look or a more relaxed one, making the Totally hot palette great for both day and night transformations.

The design for Totally Hot pays homage to the iconic accessory of the 2000s - the Nokia brick phone. The great thing about this palette is that it aligns with beauty lovers of all ages - for millennials, it offers a sense of nostalgia and reminds them of the simplicity of the ‘00s and how this era has shaped current fashion trends. For Gen Zs, this palette creates a sense of nostalgia for an online community of y2k lovers who, although couldn’t experience the y2k era in real time, can replicate and embody it nearly 20 years later in their own way. 




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