The Story Behind Our Launch Palette Collection - Part 2

The Story Behind Our Launch Palette Collection - Part 2

In the second instalment of the story behind our launch palette collections, we are going to be diving deep into the world of inspiration that informed our palette making process for Unhidden Beauty’s launch, looking into everything from the cover designs to the shade selection. Read on to hear about how we prepared for our launch with ten premade palettes!



Headliner is a palette perfect for the festival season. It is unapologetically bold and bright! Festivals are full of fun and associated with feel-good times, which is what Headliner aims to capture through the overall palette design. 

 Inspiration for this palette came from the iconic music festival Coachella. Coachella 2022 is the first one  back after two years of cancellations due to the pandemic. If people were already going above and beyond for their outfits and makeup pre-pandemic, we can only imagine what it might be like post pandemic! As well as this, we started to recognise how cultural music icons like Billie Eilish and Doja Cat hold a significant amount of control over makeup trends. With this in mind, and knowing both these artists are fairly booked up for festivals this year, the creation of the Headliner palette began with the inclusion of the bright, daring colours that these headliners love!

When we look at the shades featured within Headliner, there’s a great selection of colours in this palette, allowing people to play it safe with more neutral colours or go all out with the bright and the bold. We wanted to include a lot of high-shimmer shades in this palette after thinking back to our own festival experiences. If you’re a festival goer, you’ll understand the pain of applying glitter all over your face and body, only to find that same glitter still stuck to your face weeks after. Our high-shimmer shades not only look beautiful, but can be taken off easily too, making them a much more tolerable alternative to glitter!

The front cover also appeals to universal experiences people often have at festivals. Picture this: it’s been a long day of partying, you’ve only just got signal on your phone, and your best friend is nowhere to be seen. A lot of us have been there, right? The front cover of this design explores the idea of something that would typically be very annoying and stressful in everyday life, but, at a festival, seems perfectly normal! Headliner encapsulates everything that a festival should be - fun, loud, daring and provocative. 

All The Feels

All The Feels is inspired by the warmth of summer, the long days and the refreshing drinks. It is a palette that celebrates being bright and bold and unapologetically yourself; for those who feel best when the sun is shining and the world feels more lively.

We wanted All The Feels to be a general feel-good palette that was warm and inviting. To achieve this, we set out for the palette to feature bold shades that would be balanced out by the neutral shades included. All The Feels is an all round the clock palette - although its inspiration lies heavily in Summertime and the idea of the sun shining, All The Feels is for All The Time!

The shades in this palette can be built up for higher intensity or used to build a wider look. The creativity and use of the shades inside are down to the user themselves. Whatever they want to do, they can make it happen with this palette! There is an eclectic mix of glitters, mattes and shimmers, offering a wide range of choice and creativity for users to really experiment if they wish to, or play it safer with some of the neutral shades. The choice is yours!

The design for All The Feels comes from imagery that is typically associated with summer. For us, flowers resonate strongly. Flowers are a key symbol of summer - they are fun, sweet, and attention-grabbing. When you see All The Feels, you definitely won’t miss it! The warm design evokes the fun and freedom to be had when using this palette, making this a staple palette for someone to have in their collection if they are wanting to create a myriad of looks.

Chaotic Neutrals

Chaotic Neutrals is a warm, everyday palette made up of neutral shades that work together perfectly or can be used as standalone shades for a simple makeup look. This palette is perfect for eyeshadow on the go, and is inspired by the trendy earthy & desert tones that have been popularised in the last couple of years.

In terms of inspiration, there are a lot of muses that Chaotic Neutrals nods to in its creative direction. The neutral colour palette has risen back in popularity in the last few years, thanks to stars like Kim Kardashian who have embodied the neutral aesthetic through their fashion choices and within their own clothing lines. As natural makeup is coming back into our lives, beauty enthusiasts are finding room in their makeup collections again for neutral coloured eyeshadows and products that reflect this trend.

Florrie White, a makeup artist, spoke to Vogue about neutral makeup. She exclaimed that her most recent clients “are asking for a more natural look, embracing their unique faces and stepping away from the homogenous “Instagram” makeup trend”.  Chaotic Neutrals is all about allowing people to feel their most beautiful whilst still experimenting with makeup. The great thing about this palette is that looks can be amplified or toned down due to the range of golden shades inside. 

The shades featured in Chaotic Neutrals remind us of the sun setting over a desert landscape, and the colours in Chaotic Neutrals allow people to replicate these golden sunsets through their eyeshadow!

This palette has a focus on neutrals, browns and beiges - making it an easy, soft palette to work with, no matter your level of makeup artistry. 

Modern Essentials

Modern Essentials is a nod to those who want a quick, stunning makeup look that stands out but isn’t too ‘bold’ or ‘crazy.’ The palette has buildable, strong colours that look great on their own, or can be combined for an amplified look. Modern Essentials is a simple, pretty palette that has something for everyone in it. 

Modern Essentials is everything it says on the tin. This palette is created with the kind of people in mind who may not have the time or need to create complicated looks that require a lot of shades and energy. The palette is easy to use and easy to draw inspiration from. This concept of this palette comes from the idea of having one staple eyeshadow palette in your collection, and we believe that Modern Essentials fits this role perfectly. 

The shades are warm, cool-toned and include shimmers for elevating any look. 

The front cover design of Modern Essentials reflects the aura of the palette - casual, fun and comforting. There is also an abstract feel about the design of the palette. It represents a new norm; a shift into an acceptance that many of us lead busy lives and do not have the same amount of time we once had to create complicated makeup looks.  And that's completely ok - any level of creativity is to be celebrated in our book!


New Beginnings

 This palette is aimed for beginners within the world of makeup; an entry-level collection of colours that are not intimidating or too much to deal with.

This palette is one that wants to give a warm welcome to those interested in experimenting with eyeshadow - and beyond!. We chose the name New Beginnings to reflect the shift the makeup world has been seeing in the last few years - the movement from dramatic, high-level looks to more understated, muted looks that do not require a level of ‘talent’ or ‘experience’ in makeup artistry to create. 

The shades in New Beginnings are warm toned, including a handful of glitters that can be used to elevate a makeup look. This palette features shades that are neutral, warm and rich in pigment-  making New Beginnings the perfect introduction into the world of eyeshadow.

The front cover design of New Beginnings largely reflects what the whole eyeshadow palette is about - ease, calmness and introductions. New Beginnings. The two-toned design represents the shade colours inside the palette, and the simplicity of the design reminds its users to go at their own pace with their makeup and their skills.