TikTok Made Me Do It!

If you follow Unhidden Beauty on TikTok (and if you don’t, you’re missing OUT!), you may have noticed the crazy amount of requests we get from our lovely followers to create themed custom eyeshadow palettes. From Marvel to Umbrella Academy, to every star sign you could possibly think of, we’re creating custom palettes everyday on TikTok and enjoying the customization process with every palette creation. 

Not only are these palettes lovingly created and showcased on our TikTok, they are available to purchase on our website! The great thing about these palettes is that they are still fully customizable - so you can still add your own creativity and personality to these palettes if you feel like doing so. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into 4 of our favourite TikTok Made Me Do It eyeshadow palettes that are available to purchase now.

The Umbrella Academy Palette

Calling all Umbrella Academy fans, this palette is for YOU! Inspired by the original Netflix series, this palette features a stunning mix of mattes and shimmers, with each shade reflecting a specific character from the series. The front cover of this palette is the Umbrella Academy logo featuring a cool blue background, which matches the aesthetic of the shades featured inside of the palette. 

If you have a favorite character from the Umbrella Academy that has been missed out on this palette, fear not! You can customize each of the shade names so it can better reflect your faves from the series. 

@unhiddenbeautyco Replying to @smellyfishymilk the umbrella academy inspired eyeshadow palette! i’m going to go binge watch the show now, brb. 😍 #unhiddenbeauty #eyeshadow #beautytok #smallbusiness #customeyeshadow #customeyeshadowpalette #umbrellaacademy #klaus #theumbrellaacademy ♬ original sound - Unhidden Beauty

The Megan Thee Stallion Palette

Seriously, who doesn’t love THE hot girl Megan Thee Stallion? Megan is always coming through with the most beautiful makeup looks, so of course we created an eyeshadow palette inspired by this queen. The shades included in this palette are fiery and hot, just like Meg, and we included some eye-catching shimmers that can level up any look.

The shades are named after some of the most iconic songs by Megan (and let’s be honest, which songs of hers AREN’T iconic?) - there’s WAP, Hot Girl and Body just to name a few. If your favorite Meg song is missing from this palette, you can easily swap and replace the shades and their names to suit you. That's some real Hot Girl stuff!

The front cover of the palette takes homage to some of Megs lyrics - Lookin’ Paid And Pretty. This palette is oozing with confidence - which is just one reason why we love it! Again, if the cover palette isn’t to your liking, you can easily change the front cover design and upload your own photo instead.

@unhiddenbeautyco a custom palette inspired by Megan Thee Stallion! this palette is almost as spicy as her 🌶 #unhiddenbeauty #eyeshadow #beautytok #smallbusiness #custompalette #custommakeup #customeyeshadowpalette #customeyeshadow #megantheestallion #megantheestallionmakeup ♬ original sound - Unhidden Beauty

The Gemini Palette

Another star sign favorite! Like Pisces, the color of Geminis is green, so we opted for green and sage shades that encapsulate the energy of a Gemini. We love the balance of mattes and shimmers inside this palette - making it an accommodating palette that you can adjust to your skill level. For example, if you wanted to use just one or two shades to create a look, you could opt for the bright shimmer shades like Lima or Seafoam and place this over your lid for a simple yet striking look. If you wanted to create a more intense look, however, you can use the transition matte shades as well as the bright shimmers together for a look with more magnitude. 

The shades in this palette are named after traits of a Gemini: clever, bold, loyal, honest, lively, fun, kind and sweet. If you’re a Gemini, let us know if you agree with these traits! If you don’t, these names can be swapped out for traits you see more fitting. That's the beauty of customizable palettes!


@unhiddenbeautyco Replying to @laurajaynehunt the GEMINI palette ♊️ this palette reminds us of that fresh sea breeze 🌊 #unhiddenbeauty #eyeshadow #beautytok #smallbusiness #custommakeup #customeyeshadow #customeyeshadowpalette #gemini #gemini♊️ #astrology #astrologytiktok #inspo ♬ original sound - Unhidden Beauty

 The Shrek Palette

Okay, we're including this one because not only is it a pretty palette - it is just FUNNY! Someone requested a Shrek inspired palette over on our TikTok, and who are we to say no to palette requests?

This swamp-inspired eyeshadow palette has a dark, earthy vibe to it which we LOVE, as well as a few shimmers thrown in there to make some feel Shreksy. The shades are named after some of our favourite characters in the Shrek franchise - some honourable mentions being Puss In Boots, Pinocchio and The Gingerbread Man. 

The front cover is self explanatory for this one - the films may have ended, but the love for Shrek carries on in our hearts!


@unhiddenbeautyco Reply to @tillie_hawkins would you wear shrek themed eyeshadow? 🤣💚 #smallbusiness #custommade #customizableeyeshadow #beautytok #custommakeup #eyeshadows #unhiddenbeauty #customeyeshadow #customeyeshadowpalette #eyeshadowpalette #shrek #shrekislove ♬ Funky town shrek party - Dev

Our TikTok Made Me Do It Palette Collection is constantly being updated with new palettes, so keep your eyes peeled on our TikTok and on our website to be the first to know about new palette releases! If YOU have any requests for a specific palette, head over to our TikTok or Instagram and just comment your idea under one of our posts - we’d love to hear!