Become an Affiliate


We get it. You love your customised palette and want to share it with your community. We absolutely love to see it and believe you should be rewarded for it.

Why join? 

By becoming an Unhidden Beauty affiliate, you will receive a percentage of the sale every time a purchase is made via a link that you’ve shared - this includes purchases made 30 days after clicking on your link / banner.  Unlike many other sites, we don’t believe in setting a minimum number of followers or website visits. We know that your influence on your community is much deeper than just numbers.

  • Totally free to join 
  • 7% baseline commission on all sales, with regular additional promotions
  • 30 day cookie period
  • High average order value 

How do I join?

We currently run our affiliate programme through Rakuten, and traditional affiliate publishers should sign up directly or contact us at

For individuals, simply sign up to Rakuten and apply here. We will review your application and share further information if approved. We’ll even get you started with a unique 15% off discount code to share with your followers!