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 📣 What happens after I register?

💌  We will email you instructions on how to: 

  • 🎨 Create your shop and launch your eyeshadow palette - including information on the design support we offer. 

  • ☎️ Arrange a call with the team so that we can connect with you, and support you with making your first sale. 

  • 📦 Order your own palette - we give you a discount code for you to order your own palette.

  • 💰 Start promoting and selling your palette. 

👀 What is in it for you? And what’s in it for your followers?

  • 💵 You get 15% profit on every sale ($9 on a 20 shade palette that costs $60).   
  • 🙏 Your customers get a 15% discount on every purchase. 
  • 📈 All sales are tracked on our platform, so when you are ready you just need to press the button and get paid straight away.

👯 Who are we?

  • 💐 We are Unhidden Beauty Co. A personalized eyeshadow palette business that lets users create (and now sell!) fully customised eye shadow palettes- from the shades inside to the image on the front.
  • 🌅 We believe real beauty is a feeling related to inner confidence, which radiates. The right makeup helps you feel confident. So, we’re on a mission to connect people with the perfect products to help them look and feel beautiful. 

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Kiemu and the Unhidden Beauty Team