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Angel Hues

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Angel Hues have a neutral colour story and features 5 mattes: Cielo, Breathtaking, Blushing, Divina and Elegant & 3 shimmer shades: Luna, Soar and Inspire. These shades can be used as eyeshadow, brow powder, liner, cheeks, bronzer, on the lips and more! This palette can be used for daily activities & night looks for a night out on the town. Perfect for the natural go-to look or the perfect soft glam!

Angel Hues and every shade name is meant to make you feel positive and empowered with not only the makeup look you create but also in your dreams and desires. Angel is something (beautiful elegant and classy) I want those who use this palette to feel this way. And Hues is the artsy term for colour or shade. I really like how it brings the name together

The inspo and concept of “Angel Hues” are the angel number “777“ which signifies that a positive outlook will take you far in your journey. Everything you deserve will come to you  and amazing things are going to happen for you.