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Family Day

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My palettes name is Family Day because my husband and daughter have been my constant support since I started my makeup journey. Every shade is named after someone or something in my family!

I wanted a palette that had a lot of color, because I love color and doing colorful looks. I wanted some neutrals as well for the days when I just want to do something easy. I've done multiple looks with my palette to show off how well the colors work together. You can do a nice easy Neutral eye look and have the option to spice it up with a pop of color of Shimmer!
June: My husband and sister's birthday. Also when my husband and I got together and when I will become an aunt again!

Paige: My best friend and the mother of my other nieces and nephew.

Snail mom: I have pet snails.

3/20: My wedding anniversary.

Alana: Named for my daughter who's birthstone is a diamond.

Perci: My late fur baby, a sweet great dane who passed at only 3 years old.

Paradise: The name of the neighborhood my husband and I were married in.

Cali: My oldest niece (6) who just loves makeup and wants to be like me.

M Jeane: Named for Monroe, my true niece, the lil light of my life.

Cash: My nephew!

D van: My husband, Donovan.

KC rae: My niece.