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Eyeconic Palette

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The Eyeconic palette can be used for an everyday look (the browns and the gold bronzy shimmer). It can also be used for a date night by creating a smokey look using the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye. The palette is also perfect for a festival kind of occasion with the use of the colored mattes and shimmers!


I wanted to create a palette with familiar shades that everyone can use on a daily but with a bit of color to push the ones with a faint of heart to get out of their comfort zone and experiment! That’s the inspiration behind my palette!


I’ve chosen shades that are more comfortable to use such as the brown tone mattes. They are easy to work with, even the shimmers that are great for a pop of shine in the inner corner. The colored ones such as the pink and blue are great shades for those that want to start experimenting with color more.


This palette means a lot to me as it represents what I believe any makeup lover would lean towards. I put myself in a position where I mainly wanted a palette with shades customers would be interested in using every single shade. When I was a beginner in makeup, I always wanted a palette that could push me to try different things but still be able to create something simple and doable and Eyeconic is my vision of what a palette like so can be.