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For the Angels

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This palette is for everyone from beginners to experts. Each color has been specifically chosen to give the perfect “everyday” eye for a wide range of skin tones, but also to allow a quick switch from a daytime to evening look. The shimmers are soft enough to brighten the eyes and face, but also to add a little drama for a night out. The bottom row is specifically to bring a little fun to the palette and can be used for a smoky eye, a pop of color, or a little extra shimmer.


The name of the palette aligns with my idea that everyone who supports me is an Angel, but also my promise to my little angel, Rosie, in heaven that everything that I do is for her. The shade names are words that I use pretty much on a daily basis to show my own support for others and phrases that bring me joy when they’re said to me. I can’t wait for people to try it out and have as much fun as I’ve had creating gorgeous eyeshadow looks.