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Neutral Vibes

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My inspiration behind this palette was to make a palette you can reach for any look. Something you can use everyday or on the weekends. Everyone loves neutral colors & good vibes. I chose these colors because they can be used for a natural or dramatic look. I have been a MUA for about 10 years and these are the colors I find myself reaching for all the time when I'm doing makeup on my clients. This palette can be used for EVERY occasion. Perfect for everyday & special events - this palette is versatile you can create many different looks. 


The shades are named after the dogs in my family. We're a big dog family and the other few names are after the babies in my life. If it wasn't for my support system, I wouldn't have gotten this far in my beauty career. They pushed me to do better & never give up. This palette is named after my mother who passed in 2015. S for her first initial in her name, Teap is her last name. STEAP Beauty. One of my core childhood memories was watching and helping my mom get ready & put her makeup on. Watching her reaction after getting ready was the best. Now that I'm a MUA that's my favorite part to experience with a client.